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 Department Of Civil Engineering

Since the very inception of the Institute in the year 1953, the students are pursuing Civil Engineering courses in this Institute.

The Department has two laboratories under its control: 
1. Soil Mechanics Laboratory 
2. Concrete and Road Materials Testing Laboratory

3. Environmental Engineering Laboratory

The laboratory facilities are good enough for conducting tests as per syllabus requirements as well as for different testing works asked by the external agencies. 

Almost all tests relating to the test of building materials like brick, cement, sand, stone chips, concrete, tiles, woods etc and road materials like bitumen, stone etc. can be done. 

The Soil Mechanics Laboratory is well equipped to prepare full-fledged soil report for buildings on shallow foundation. Necessary tests for road construction are also possible. 

                  Final CURRICULUM STRUCTURE and SYLLABUS(2013-2014)

(Intake Capacity :- 60) 

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