Department Of Workshop 

Mechanical Workshop

There are seven different shops in the Mechanical workshop at present.The names of the shops are listed below. 

  •  Welding Shop
  •  Machine Shop 
  •  Fitting Shop 
  •  Pattern Shop 
  •  Carpentry Shop 
  •  Foundry Shop 
  • Smithy and Forging Shop
Presently students of 1st year of all the engineering branches have practical classes allotted in the workshop. The students of Mechanical Engineering, however, have practical classes in the workshop in all the three years of their diploma course span. They also accomplish their final year Project Work using the rich resources of Mechanical workshop. The facilities available at the workshop are ample enough to educate a student in diploma engineering about the details of mechanical manufacturing processes. We, nevertheless, continuously searching ways of improvement and modernization and working towards that goal. 

Electrical Workshop

The electrical workshop is divided into three sections as listed below. 

Electrical Workshop - I 

At this workshop, 1st year students of all branches of engineering learn primarily about Electrical Installations. The E.I. comprises of different types of wiring like wood batton wiring, surface conduit wiring, cleat wiring etc. There are adequate tools and machineries to perform different types of wirings. Students are also provided with the required consumable materials to accomplish the job properly. One experienced Workshop Instructor under the learned Foreman, Electrical guides the students in their practical classes in this workshop. 

Electrical Workshop - II and III 

The workshop-II and workshop-III are meant for the practical classes for the students of Electrical Engineering of 2nd and 3rd year respectively. The workshops are equipped with modern electrical equipment, tools and also machines to fulfill the criteria as outlined in their syllabi. One experienced Workshop Instructor under the able guidance of Foreman, Electrical, mans these workhops. 

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