Department of Electrical Engineering

The Department of Electrical Engineering was established way back in 1962 to cater to the burgeoning scope of electrical supervisors and technicians in the greater society. The Department, ever since its genesis blossomed over the years and metamorphosed into an excellent academic centre of creating a dazzling array of students who excelled in their professional arena through profound expertise and acumen. 

The Electrical engineering Laboratory under this
Department is equipped with different electrical machines, equipments and measuring instruments for monitoring as well as measurement purpose. There are number of modern and conventional type of instruments/meters. These machines and instruments are used to perform different experiments on Electrical machines and electrical measurement. This laboratory is now being used by the students of 1st year of all branches of Diploma Courses, students of 2nd year Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and the students of 3rd year Electrical Engineering. Though this laboratory mainly serves the purpose of conducting experiments, which are included in the syllabus of Diploma Courses, but it, has the potential for conducting more advanced experiments with the existing set-up available. 

The floor area covered by the laboratory is approximately 250 m2. The Electrical Workshop under the Department of Electrical Engineering has a separate entry. See Workshop for detail in this regard. 

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