Department of Mechanical Engineering

 Department of Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering was started in 1962 along with the Department of Electrical Engineering. Mechanical Engineering, being one of the traditional branches of Engineering, always attracts students of good caliber. The recent spurt in new industries in the State boosts the demand of diploma engineers in Mechanical Engineering.

Following are the laboratories, which are functioning under the Department of Mechanical Engineering-

1. Hydraulics Laboratory: The Laboratory encompasses an area of approximately 1800 sq. feet and is equipped with different experimental facilities including V-notch, pipe friction, venturimeter, orifice, orifice meter etc. The Laboratory is used by the students of 3rd year (6th Semester) students of Mechanical Engineering and 2nd year (4th Semester) students of Civil Engineering. 

2. Heat Engine Laboratory: The approximate floor area covered by this Laboratory is also 1800 sq. feet. The Laboratory has the facilities of conducting different experiments on Diesel and Petrol Engine Test Rig. It has models of turbines, steam engine and boilers. The Laboratory also provides the students the opportunity to get acquaintance with the details of Automobile Engineering. The Laboratory is used by the students of Mechanical Engineering of 2nd year(3rd & 4th Semester) and 3rd year (5th Semester). 

3. Applied Mechanics Laboratory: The Laboratory occupies approximately an area of 800 sq. feet. Some of the important testing machines used for experiment in this Laboratory are Universal Testing Machine, Impact Testing Machine, Brinnel/Rockwell Hardness testing machines etc. The students who are benefited from this Laboratory are the students of 2nd year (3rd & 4th Semester) Mechanical Engineering and 2nd year (4th Semester) Civil Engineering. 

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