History of Sri Ramakrishna Silpa Vidyapith

History of Sri Ramakrishna Silpa Vidyapith

During the second five year plan period, the infrastructural growth required huge number of trained and skilled manpower to take the country forward. Visionaries like Thakur Satyananda Dev, Sri Satyanarayan Chattopadhyay,

Sri Satyanarayan Bandyopadhyay, Sri Kamada kinkar Mukherjee MLC, Dr.Kaligati Bandyopadhyay felt the necessity to set up a technical institution in Birbhum and founded a technical school, so that Birbhum can contribute to it’s due share in national development. The journey of a technical school started humbly in a Municipal Godown in Duttapukur near Municipal Girl’s school in Suri Birbhum. The technical institution was formally inaugurated on 17th November 1952 by the then Governor of West Bengal H.E Harendra Coomar Mookherjee. During the early days, the institution offered courses only in 1. Licentiate in Civil Engineering [LCE] 2. Draftsmanship, this may be a reason why, Sri Ramakrishna Silpa Vidyapith is still today fondly called and known as LC COLLEGE.


Initially classes were held at Ramkrishna Vidyapith. Due to huge popularity and rush of students, a new building and a hostel was built and the institution moved to it’s new building at present location in the year 1962. The institution flourished and new courses in Licentiate in Mechanical Engineering and Licentiate in Electrical Engineering were offered. Sri Ramakrishna Silpa Vidyapith Suri was taken over by the State Government in the year 1977. Presently the courses offered are: 1. DIPLOMA IN CIVIL ENGINEERING [DCE] - 60 SEATS 2. DIPLOMA IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING [DME] - 60 SEATS 3. DIPLOMA IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING [DEE] - 40 SEATS 4. DIPLOMA IN PHARMACY - 30 SEATS. Today Sri Ramakrishna Silpa Vidyapith Suri is one of the oldest and prestigious Government polytechnics in West Bengal.

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